Strengthen your Digital Marketing Strategies

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Get help with aligning the structure, technology, and processes needed to allow Sales and Marketing to work as a single team with a single goal - New Business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

From Marketing Automation to CRM operations, receive guidance in building a "Click-to-Close" strategy where you create a customer journey and track it from new awareness to new customer.

Content Marketing

Learn how to drive inbound traffic and attention to your brand by educating, informing, and attracting your customers with marketing content.

Content Creation

Learn how to effectively and efficiently produce engaging marketing content that will help drive brand recognition and new business.


As your consultant, Lee will provide strategic Sales and Marketing alignment advice. He will examine your needs in order to develop a strategy to enhance and optimize the alignment between your Sales and Marketing processes considering both business needs and technical structure. After getting to know your business and its challenges, he can summarize his findings and then layout an in-depth framework or detailed blueprint for solving the problem.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing Automation Platform Selection
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing and Sales Process Alignment
  • Marketing Automation and CRM Integration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing

What Makes Lee a Different Marketer?

He has an understanding of both Marketing AND Sales that will help your organization attain these things:

  • Connect your business strategy to your marketing strategy to understand the whole picture of the business and how marketing fits into it
  • Ensure that Marketing is working toward the correct business goals and objectives by connecting marketing to business results and expectations
  • Generate a partnership with Sales to ensure alignment on Go-To-market
  • Nurture partnerships with Product to drive growth within product initiatives
  • Leverage data to build stronger relationships with the CFO and finance leaders
  • Provide clear communication of marketing ROI to the CEO

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"Lee's initiative is often the rising tide that has raised all the boats, helping the sales and marketing teams improve execution and conversion rates. Lee's a great asset to any marketing team that wants to challenge it's limits and reach new horizons, and I'm so glad to cherish his contributions."
"Thank you for your great insights at your CMWorld session. We work with an ad agency who supplies some SEO information but I appreciate having your definitive steps for our blog and I quote, “Create content for the robot that is trying to think like a human.” Also, thanks for bringing humor to your presentation. I found it all very, very useful. I’ll be listening to your podcast."
"Great session! Your graphic representation of how to turn one video into many assets is so powerful, and I loved thinking about video not just as an end asset but a way to collect the information to create as much content as possible."
"Lee manages to stay on top of a field that is ever increasing in complexity and is always evolving. Whether it's harnessing the newest digital channels, creating cutting edge content or pushing the boundaries of digital marketing, Lee will further your digital marketing strategy and content programs. He's always one-step ahead which is exactly what's needed in this fast moving digital world."