Marketing Marketing and Sales Alignment Sales

How The SMarketing Concept Can Break Silos Between Sales And Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it’s not enough to say, “Our campaign got tons of attention, it was a success!” You know and I know that this claim of success means very little to the CFO or even the VP of sales for that matter.

Marketing Marketing and Sales Alignment

The Attribution Question Many Agencies Don’t Want You To Ask

Throughout my 20-year marketing career, I’ve been presented with countless marketing campaign strategies. During the kickoff of those strategies, I’ve been asked the most crucial question of all: “How will we measure success?”

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How Falling In Love With The Creative Process Can Hurt Business

This is something both business owners and the creative people within a business really need to put some thought into. Let’s talk about what happens when creators get romantic about the process and forget the business purpose.

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What Is Marketing Automation? Answers To A Connection’s Questions

A LinkedIn connection reached out to me while he was working on his thesis to ask a few questions about marketing automation and data protection. While these two topics may seem distant, my experiences handling large global databases within marketing automation platforms have kept the two topics very close[…]